My Vegan Journey

Varsha, vegan and eggless bakery owner

Hi I am Varsha the face behind Mesmerising Icing. Welcome to my website hope you find what you are looking for.  If thre is somethng specific you want but is not on my website just give me a shout by filing in the contact form and I will get back to you.

Just a bit about me and my journey to caking. I am married to Dave and we live in Glenfield, Leicester. We have been vegetarians for over 30 year and now enjoy a plant-based lifestyle.

As a child I always enjoyed baking and looked forward to cookery classes at school and bringing back the goodies I created for my family to enjoy. However, my baking journey was interrupted by college, university and work but was reignited by a baking book given to me by my sister whilst recuperating from an operation 25 years ago.

Initially I baked eggless & vegan cakes as a hobby for family members. Over time this expanded to making cakes for other relatives & friends.  Following enquiries as to whether I took orders for cupcake bouquets and cakes Mesmerising Icing was born.

I love to create a cake that brings joy to a special day invoking precious memories with the flavours chosen and making new memories by including colours, flowers, edible lace etc in the design to compliment the theme of an event and make your day special with the bonus that the cake is beautiful and elegant.

When creating a cake, I choose ingredients that are environmentally friendly which enables me to contribute a little to the sustainability of the environment we live in.

I hope you and your guest enjoy the cakes, cupcakes, favours as much as I love creating them for you to bring a smile to your face and joy to your occasion.

Mesmerising Icing is fully registered and insured as a food business with a 5* rating.

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