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Please note that all my cupcake bouquets and cakes are created in a domestic kitchen which is not nut, soya, dairy and gluten free. Whilst great care will be taken to ensure equipment and surfaces are free from allergens/ intolerances, I cannot completely guarantee this; please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.  

Choose the size of bouquet from the list below and customise it with an accent cupcake or topper to reflect the recipient's interests, hobbies or upcoming event. Each bouquet comes with a flower pick with a card so that you can write your own personal message.

Cupcake & Piped Buttercream Flavour Menu 

Vanilla, lemon, orange, citrus (combination of lemon & orange), lime, rose, blueberry, coconut, pineapple, pina colada, chocolate, red velvet, chocolate orange, raspberry ripple, passion fruit, coconut orange, caramel, exotic spice. I can also make carrot, fruit with christmas spice, cherry & coconut, coffee & walnut or Jamaican ginger cupcakes if you wish. 

The cupcake bouquet will be packaged in its own box. 

Cupcake Bouquets

Eggless Vegan
6 Cupcake bouquet £29.00 £33.00
7 Cupcake bouquet £33.00 £37.00
12 Cupcake bouquet £55.00 £62.00
19 Cupcake bouquet £86.00 £97.00
24 Cupcake bouquet £103.00 £117.00

Boxed Floral Cupcakes

Eggless Vegan
Box of 12 flower cupcakes £46.00 £48.00
Box of 6 flower cupcake £22.00 £26.00

Please note there will be additional charges for the following:

  • Cupcake topper to reflect the recipient's interests or hobbies such as a football, rugby, netball or hockey team emblem.
  • Delivery.
  • Basket should you wish your cupcakes to be arranged/displayed in a basket rather than as a bouquet.

Please note that cupcake bouquets/baskets cannot be sent by post.

A 40% non refundable booking fee is payable upon the bouquet order being booked and the balance is required 4 days prior to the date of pick up or delivery. I reserve the right to cancel your order if this fee and final payment are not made when stated.     

To order a cupcake bouquet please complete the contact form or email me with details of size, flavour and colours you want and the date you want it for

It is preferable that bouquets ordered are picked up but if delivery is required then this is only available between 1 - 5pm.

All my cakes are made to order and are specific to a particular event and requirement of a client. I will do my utmost to provide you with what you are looking for or something similar.

Whether you are ordering a cake for a celebration or a wedding, the price will depend on the flavour of the cake, the filling, whether it is covered in ganache or buttercream, the size, the complexity of the design, the sugar flowers chosen to be made by hand, the flowers to be piped, the edible lace chosen etc.

However, I appreciate that starting price points would assist you, so I have listed a few below. The price points are based on vegan cakes 

1. Starting price of Celebration Cakes is £80 which is 6" round, 3 layer cake (approximately 5 to 6 inches deep) with your chosen filling covered in buttercream decorated with biscuits and piped flowers. Price includes packaging. Price would be more if a larger size, more tiers, different decoration, taller cakes, complex design is required. 

2. Starting price points for our Wedding Cakes comprising 3 layers of sponge (approximately 5 to 6 inches deep) with your chosen flavoured buttercream and compote/jam, covered with a thin layer of buttercream or ganache is from:-

  • £150 for a single tier 6" cake. Larger single tier sizes would be more  
  • £380 for a 2 tier round cake of 7" & 9". Prices for combination of other sizes would be different. 
  • £480 for a 3 tier round cake of 5", 7" and 9". Prices for combination of other sizes would be different.

The final price would be dependent upon the decoration, sizes, shape, number of layers, flavours, fillings, complexity of design, set up, delivery etc.    

The chart below shows the portions for each of the cakes sizes I make. With regard to tall cakes these are offered as single tiers not stacked.

Cake Shapes Size (in) Party Servings
(1.5"W x 2"L)
Wedding Servings
(1"W x 2"L)
Tall Cakes
Round 6" 12 14 24
7" 16 18 32
8" 20 24 40
9" 24 32 48
10" 28 38 56
12" 40 56 80
Square 6" 12 18 24
8" 20 32 40
10" 30 50 60
12" 48 72 96

My normal cakes are about 4.5" to 6"  inches in height. Portion sizes are as mentioned above dependant on whether its for a party or wedding.  

In addition to the tiered cakes I offer a separate cutting cake (covered in buttercream or fondant) to provide additional servings for your guests.

A non refundable booking fee is payable upon an order being booked which is 30% for all cakes.  The balance is required 21 days prior to pick up or delivery of the cake. I reserve the right to cancel your order if this fee and final payment are not paid when stated.

Cake Flavour Menu

Vanilla – a light and fluffy vanilla bean sponge layered with vanilla infused buttercream with delicious strawberry or raspberry conserve

Citrus – zingy orange and lemon zested sponge layered with homemade orange curd and subtle lemon infused buttercream

Zesty Lemon – Lemon flavoured sponge with lemon zest layered with homemade lemon curd and either:

  • lemon flavoured buttercream or
  • elderflower infused buttercream

Blueberry – deliciously moist but light blueberry sponge with whole blueberries layered with homemade blueberry compote and either

  • ·blueberry infused buttercream or
  • ·vanilla infused buttercream

Rose & Cardamom – A taste of Turkish delight or gulab jamun (Indian desert). A beautifully light sponge infused with a rose flavour and powdered cardamom layered with strawberry & rose conserve and either:

  • buttercream with an essence of rose or
  • vanilla buttercream  

Lime & Coconut – fresh light and fluffy lime and coconut sponge layered with lime conserve and coconut flavoured buttercream

Passion Fruit – a taste of the exotic with a passion fruit flavoured light sponge layered with homemade passion fruit curd with either:

  • passion fruit flavoured buttercream or
  • coconut flavoured buttercream or
  • pineapple buttercream

Raspberry Ripple – seriously delicious raspberry ripple flavoured sponge with swirls of raspberry conserve layered with raspberry conserve and either:

  • ·raspberry ripple flavoured  buttercream or
  • ·vanilla flavoured buttercream.

Pina Colada – a taste of the tropics (non-alcoholic). A light sponge flavoured with coconut & pineapple layered with pineapple conserve and coconut infused buttercream.

Coconut & Orange – A fluffy light coconut sponge layered with homemade orange curd with a subtle orange flavoured buttercream

Cherry and Coconut – Cherry flavoured light sponge with delicious glace cherries layered with coconut infused buttercream and cherry conserve.

Bakewell Tart – Cherry & Almond (Bakewell) flavoured light sponge with almond and glace cherries layered with cherry conserve and cherry Bakewell flavoured buttercream. Contains nuts but can be made without.

Caramel – a rich golden light fluffy caramel sponge layered with smooth luscious caramel and a delicious caramel infused buttercream.

Jamaican Ginger – a glorious light but moist sponge infused with spices of Jamaica layered with Jamaican ginger conserve and gingerbread infused buttercream

Coffee & Walnut – A light and tasty coffee infused sponge with ground walnuts layered with either:

  • a coffee infused buttercream or
  • mocha buttercream.

Contains nuts

Exotic spice – a beautiful light and fluffy sponge infused with an array of spices and flavours layered with ginger conserve and either:

  • cinnamon infused buttercream or
  • buttercream with an essence of ginger

Carrot Cake – A taste of carrot halwa (Indian desert). A rich, moist scrumptious carrot sponge with ground walnuts, raisins and mixed spice layered with either:

  • ·lemon essence buttercream or
  • ·vanilla buttercream.

Contains Nuts but can be made without

Chocolate – A decadent rich chocolatey sponge layered with either

  • a smooth chocolate ganache or
  • vanilla buttercream

with either:

  • raspberry compote or
  • strawberry conserve

or you could have following luscious fillings in the chocolatey sponge layers instead:

  • ·caramel buttercream or
  • ·hazelnut chocolate buttercream or
  • ·combination of caramel, chocolate and peanut buttercream (taste snickers) or
  • ·coconut & vanilla buttercream ( taste of bounty).

Chocolate Orange – a scrumptious chocolate sponge infused with orange extract and zest layered with homemade orange curd and either:

  • ·chocolate buttercream or
  • ·orange infused buttercream or
  • ·vanilla buttercream.

Black Forest – A deliciously decadent rich chocolate cherry infused sponge layered with cherry conserve and either

  • ·chocolate buttercream or
  • ·vanilla infused buttercream
  • ·a smooth ganache with essence of cherry.

Red Velvet .- a red velvet light chocolate sponge layered with strawberry conserve and vanilla buttercream

Fruit Cake – scrumptious mixed dried fruit cake with Christmas spices layered with cinnamon buttercream

 If you have a flavour you have in mind which is not in the menu please let me know and I will endeavour to accommodate you.

To request a quote for a cake please complete the contact section or email me and I will reply within 48 hours.

If there is something specific you are looking for but could not find on my website then complete the contact section providing details of what you are looking for and I will reply within 48 hours.

Mesmerising Icing is fully registered and insured as a food business with a 5* rating.

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